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Welcome Woodworkers And Soon-To-Be Woodworkers!

A Brand New Opportunity Awaits You…
This opportunity eliminates all the possible problems caused by woodworking once and for all! All you need to be truly successful in this domain is a passion for woodworking and building beautiful objects with your own two hands! You can leave the rest to us!

We are offering something incredibly complete and yet simple. Perfect for beginners and also comprehensive and elaborate enough for master woodworkers!
Our goal is to make you able to create anything you can dream of with wood… With our amazing woodworking guides and kits to transform your skills from non-existent to great, and then from great to absolutely masterful. How you ask? By simply picking up our amazing products for Shed building, Boatbuilding, how to start a profitable woodworking business, build shipping container homes and any other Woodworking creations you’ve ever been interested in building yourself. Carpentry skills are so useful for creating wooden products and being able to open up your own side business doing your favourite hobby, or just making those you love proud. There’s nothing as rewarding as the look on your wife, children’s and friends faces when they are stunned in amazement at your awesome ability to craft beautiful and useful items, objects…even furniture out of wood… They might even ask how in the world did you get so good!? (shhh, your secret is safe with us!) Click here for the biggest collection of woodwork plans

With our life-changing kits, we guarantee you will save hundreds, even thousands of dollars or more on woodworking projects and expensive mistakes that eat up your time and budget. Also, ditch the frustration of trying to read old, outdated and half-complete blueprints or instructions on how to create some vintage or antique wooden beauties. Every question possible has been answered and is shown with sketches and diagrams for the ultimate easy-to-follow woodworkers’ plans. Take your pick! If you’re feeling down and depressed over not being able to create something special with your own two hands, perhaps for your loved ones, I honestly understand your pain… because I was once in your shoes!
My little girl wanted her daddy to build her a life-sized dollhouse. After asking me all day one day I thought she would forget by the next day.
But the next day when she woke up the first thing she said when she saw me was, “daddy can I have the Big Doll House to play with?”
How was I supposed to say no to my little angel? I felt a surge of pain. I did not have the skills or knowledge to be able to provide my little girl with what she so badly wanted to play with.
I decided that day that I would learn how to make the best and most beautiful dollhouse in the world for my little girl.
I jumped on the internet and started looking for the plans to make a dollhouse… What I found was pitiful. I wasted around $300 on all kinds of kits and plans but everything was just way over my head and not straightforward enough for me, a beginner. Here’s the BIG problem: What I found with most other plans and woodworking magazines is that they are complete garbage filled with ads for random stuff that will only confuse you more… Why? They skip over many important parts, the diagrams are small and confusing, or even
wrong…. It’s like they were put together by ancient monkeys. No wonder woodworking seems so hard! The truth is, I spent a ton of time looking online, reading magazines and even asking around to local carpenters who I thought would give me some simple pointers or even let me buy a custom made dollhouse plan, but nope. Click here for the biggest collection of woodwork plans
Most of them just left me with more questions than answers or wanted to do the project for me at a crazy fee. Luckily for me I eventually found the most comprehensive collection of woodwork plans. And it changed my life. Not to mention put a huge smile on my daughters face that lasted for weeks after I had successfully built her the most astonishing large doll-house anyone has ever seen. My wife was so proud and amazed that she asked me to build her a vanity. I happily agreed. Now, luckily for you, these problems become a blessing in disguise because I have connected with the people who created the very system that allowed me to accomplish all my woodworking dreams. They have spent years carefully putting together the world’s most comprehensive collection of woodworking plans to build anything your heart desires! Just go through the amazing offers and you’ll be stunned at how quickly you can finish any woodworking projects you have ever dreamed of crafting with your own two hands for yourself or those you love. A secret benefit is your confidence as a man will go through the roof. The ability to build and shelter or provide for those we love is one of the things that matter most to a handyman. Not to mention the ability to complete many little or large projects around the house will save you tens of thousands of dollars throughout your lifetime. Don’t feel the pain of inability and regret of not being able to create, feel the powerful surge of confidence that comes with being known as the ultimate woodworker and master builder. After following the step-by-step systems laid out in the kits offered you might feel like you suddenly have a superpower – the power to build anything you want, the power to create stunning wood projects easily and effortlessly.

As you sit there listening to this, I know you’re thinking about all the different projects you’re going to make and how woodworking is going to be a breeze when you get access to Ted’s Woodworking Package and the other amazing offers that my good friends have spent their lives creating with passion and devotion. Honestly, I can’t wait until you feel what it’s really like to master the art of woodworking, to know with 100% certainty that your project will turn out exactly the way you wanted is priceless. Imagine what it would be like to have complete freedom to build any woodworking project you want – and never have to spend a dime on worthless DIY magazines or over-priced furniture again.

Woodworking Plans

Woodwork Building

Biggest Collection Of Woodwork Plans For Beginners And Professionals. As A Hobby Or Professional  Business.  Click here for the biggest collection of woodwork

Our Team / Clients / Testimonials

“Ryan, just dropping a note to let you know how stoked I am with your package. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. The quality of the designs on all your sheds are simply exceptional! Loved all the photos and systematic step by step approach.”

Paul Roberts
Atlanta, GA

“I’ve been a builder for many years and have seen quite a fair bit of sheds. The plans in Ryan’s package has some of the nicest looking sheds I’ve seen in a while.”

Earl Herring
Richmond, TX

“If you love woodworking, don’t crawl. Run to get this now! Over the years, I’ve bought many books and plans. This is, hands down the best and the most bang for buck of all of them.”

Douglas Beck
Concord, NH

“I’ve used Ryans shed plans to build a 8×10 outdoor shed for my kids. Clear directions and materials list assisted me, a non-builder, in completing the shed I wanted. Its great for a novice builder like myself!”

Aaron Knox
Moreno Valley, CA

“You could spend hundreds of dollars to build your shed… but with Ryan’s plans I managed to build my storage shed for far less than what it costs in retail!”

Thomas Rawnsley
Abrams, WI


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Woodwork Building

Biggest Collection Of Woodwork Plans For Beginners And Professionals. As A Hobby Or Professional  Business.  Click here for the biggest

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